Front end web development, Drupal, content writing, proofreading, photography, graphic design...

Websites: Since 1999 when I started hand-coding HTML, and the early 2000s and discovering CSS, I've been building and maintaining websites. In 2007 I was introduced to the Drupal content management framework and have been using it ever since. I build and configure Drupal websites, but my specialty is Drupal theming. I combine design sensibility with a passion for usability, pixel accuracy, and good code.

Design: On the design side of things, I'm experienced with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as a variety of other programs. I've created website designs, brochures and other print materials, logos, and infographics. While my work of late hasn't involved as much design as coding others' designs, it remains my first love.

Photography: Ever since I was gifted my first camera at age 10, I've had a passion for capturing the beauty I saw in the world around me.

Writing: Passion for accuracy and beauty translates itself into passion for finding the right words to express the message, and crafting them flawlessly.